Patrice Wymore

This is a 1952 Lydia Lane article where actress Patrice Wymore talks about pleasing her husband in matters of beauty.

Patrice Wymore

When I went to Warner’s to visit Patrice Wymore on – the “She’s Back on Broadway” ‘set she told me with a big smile that her part in this picture would soon be finished Her obvious enthusiasm was not because she did not enjoy working but because as soon as she was free she would fly to hubby Errol Flynn who is making “The Sea Rogue” in England.

“This picture has been shooting for eleven weeks” Patrice said in a tone which implied that absence was making her heart grow fonder “I understand that Mr Flynn Is a man of very definite likes and dislikes” I said “That he is” Patrice said with emphasis “Does he tell you what you should wear?” “No, but when he doesn’t like something he lets me know intermediately” she said “When we were first married I had been working in theaters mil night clubs and had little opportunity to be out in the sun I hated my white skin so I used a dark make-up Errol felt very strongly about this— he can’t and too much makeup and told me I looked too artificial”

“What did you do?” I wanted to know “I took advantage of every opportunity to be out in the sun an I could get a good tan” Patrice said “And I changed my make-up “Instead of using a dark cake foundation I tried a light cream-type’ she explained “After I put on a thin film I powdered well brushed off the excess and as a finishing touch I splashed my face lightly with cold water and bloated it dry. This gave my complexion an even moist tone but kept It natural looking.”

“And did Mr Flynn like your new make-up?” Patrice smiled and said “He paid me the highest compliment of all—he told me how much better I looked without make-up- I realized that my experiment has been a success” “Have you had to make other drastic changes” I asked “Errol hates short hair and as soon as we became engaged he told me he wanted me to let my hair grow” Patrice said “And he also let me know that he hoped he never would see me in pin curls” ‘ Not every girl can be married to a movie star but any girl can take a tip from Patrice Wymore and make pleasing her husband her top beauty secret.

Marguerite Chapman

This is a 1952 Lydia Lane article, where actress Marguerite Chapman talks about dieting. Enjoy!

Marguerite Chapman 1

I’ve known Marguerite Chapman since she first came to Hollywood to work in a picture called “Cover Girl” and I must say that I have not once seen Marguerite when her figure was not in good shape “You never put on weight” I commented’one day as we both lunched on salads in the Monogram Studio restaurant. “Not so you can notice it” Marguerite laughed I wanted to know what her secret was of staying slender.” “Just following the law of – supply and demand—in other words not-over-eating—if you always try to leave the table feeling you could enjoy eating a little more the chances are you are not going to gain.”

“How conscious are you of’ the nutritional value of food? “That’s a good question Maggie commented ”I feel it’s so important to give Your body good material—if you don’t you can’t expect it to do a good Job of restoring and repairing. A doctor once told me ‘To day’s bad diet is tomorrow’s illness’ Many sicknesses are the result of thousands of carelessly planned meals. If one would take care of their bodies as well as they do their automobiles their bodies wouldn’t break down so often”

“Where did you learn about the nutritional value of foods?” “From books magazines columns in the newspapers” Maggie replied’ “As soon as you become interested in a subject have you noticed how much you seem to read about it—or hear people talking about it? I don’t mean anyone should go off the deep end and become an extremist by eating a lot of fad-foods but I do feel that well-balanced diets mean a well-balanced disposition with no problems about weight.”

Myrna Dell

This is a 1952 Lydia Lane article where actress Myrna Dell talks about hair care. Enjoy!

Myrna Dell 2

Myrna Dell was born in Hollywood and – made her picture debut in a Ziegfield Follies film which followed in the footsteps of her mother who had once been a showgirl for the great Ziegfield As she had grown up in show business I ‘asked Myrna how this had influenced her. “It has taught me discipline about grooming” she said “I think discipline is necessary for a woman who wants to have friends and please her family”

“How about a busy woman with a home and children to care for?” I asked “Where leisure is a problem” Myrna confided “is requires planning but if you take stock of everything you do and eliminate what is non-essential it is surprising how much time can be rescued” I asked Myrna which single item was most important in appearance “There is nothing which can make an appearance like hair” Myrna said “It’s a frame foil your face and when it is shining and well styled it becomes a great asset” “Do you change your style often?” I wanted to know.

“Yes I do” she answered. “I am always trying something new but I don’t necessarily recommend this if a woman is busy with her family and her home. I think she should try to arrange her hair becomingly but as simply as possible. Hair stylists like fashion designers are always thinking of new hair-do needs that need lots of care and if you don’t have lots of leisure time it is not going to prove successful in the long run.”

“I think it’s a great mistake for a woman to give more importance to her coiffure than to the quality of her hair” Myrna added. “And there is nothing which will make your hair lovelier than, brushing. They say spare the brush and spoil your hair!”

Alix Talton

This is a 1953 Lydia Lane article where actress Alix Talton talks about perfume. Enjoy!

Alix Talton.jpg

Even when Alix Talton was a little girl in Atlanta Ga she dreamed about being a musical comedy star She has not yet achieved that goal but she has had some important parts in both pictures and on TV. I first met Miss Talton on the “Equilibrium” set at MGM and as we chatted I became conscious of her perfume and asked what she was wearing.

I wanted to know if she had one favorite perfume or if she played the field. “I think of perfume as an accessory and I have scents for daytime night time and for very special occasions:” “How did you learn so much about perfumes?” I asked “Most people just wear what is  given to them” “I think that’s a big mistake” she said and explained that she considered perfume as an expression of your taste. “A girl was in a stock company once and was invited to room with a very nice girl but I hesitated because she wore the most vulgar perfume. Finally I got up enough courage to ask her if what she was wearing was her favorite fragrance. Much to my surprise she told me Isn’t it awful—I got it for  Christmas and I’m trying to use it up'” ‘How do you go about choosing your perfume?”

“When I smell something on someone else which I like very much I make a note of it and later try it on my own skin” Alix explained “You know that your body chemistry can change a scent so that one perfume which is lasting and lovely on someone else may not be the same at all on you.” Alix continued “I am lucky enough to be given a bottle of perfume which I like very much But if it is a scent I don’t know I always go to a perfume counter and see what it smells like first because I don’t want to risk opening a bottle and not liking it If I did” Alix smiled “I might be tempted as my friend was —and use it up even thought It was all wrong for me.”

Laurie Anders

This is a 1953 Lydia Lane article where  actress Laurie Andres talks about exercise. Enjoy!


Laurie Aners who has been guest many times on Ken Murray’s TV show is not acting when she portrays a cowgirl “I was brought up on a ranch in Wyoming” Laurie told me recently when we lunched at the Brown Derby in Hollywood “And I am planning to buy a ranch in San Fernando Valley before too long. I have five horses that I am boarding now and I can’t wait to have them with me.”

“As long as I ride rep tarty” Laurie continued “I never have a figure trouble. Exercise Is a wonderful way of keeping to conditioned and when we don’t have time to get on the bridle path my band and I work out in a gym.” “Do you advise exercise for everyone?” ‘Indeed I do” Laurie exclaimed. I think each person should work out a routine which suits his age and his way of living.”

“Lots of people talk about exercising but they plan such an ambitious program that they never find time to get started But it how much can be accomplished with just IO ‘minutes done faithfully. The muscle shortens and gets stiff when it Is not used” Laurie explained “That’s what happens to the tendon in the back of your leg when high heels are worn constantly. Some girls can’t even walk barefooted around a pool without being in pain. But there are other muscles in the body that get just as shrunk but you don’t learn about them until it’s too late.” “Like the lump on the back of the neck sometimes called a widow’s hump” I volunteered “Exactly” Laurie agreed “and tumblesault even if you don’t go all the way over Is a sure way of keeping that muscle stretched”

“Another place to check” Miss Anders cautioned “Is the chin-line There is nothing to age a person faster than having more than one chin. Watch your posture and the position of your head so that you do not slump over” I asked Laurie if exercise could prevent the double chin. I have a favorite exercise to strength the muscles tender the chin” she said “If you do it every day you’ll notice a firming up. Drop your jaw and push it forward as far as you can. Then in this outward position bring it up as if you were going to bite something in the bulldog fashion. Do this slowly pushing bard and you should feel a good pull under your jaw”

Christiane Martel

This is a 1953 Lydia Lane article where Miss Universe Christiane Martel talks about the importance of hand lotion. Enjoy!

Christiane Martel 2

The first time I met Christiane Martel was shortly after she had been chosen “Miss Universe” in the contest of beauties from all over the world which was held near Hollywood this summer. Though the room was filled with glamour girls when the French “Miss Universe” arrived at the party everyone was attracted by her beauty “I’m very lucky” Christiane told me in her faltering English at that time “because winning this contest means I will have an opportunity to work in Hollywood”.

And this she confessed was a dream she had cherished ever since she was a little girl and had visited her father at the studio in Paris where he was a leading sound technician in the French movie industry. ‘ A few days ago I had lynch with Christiane at Universal-International where she is now under contract and her English had improved noticeably. We chatted about the responsibility which went with being chosen the most beautiful girl in the world. We were sitting by the window and the warm sun made Miss Martel remark: “It is hard for me to realize Christmas is near when the weather is like spring ”

And the only complaint which she made of California was that she found the buildings and homes too hot “Europeans are not used to central heating as you have it here” she commented “It is not healthy to have rooms so hot” I asked Christiane who is still in her teens about her beauty habits. “I love the nylons you have here” she told me “They are so what you call it—sheer. But I find I have to keep my hands and nails very smooth or I ruin them”.

Christiane took from her purse a small bottle of hand lotion which she had bought in a dime store “Every-time I wash my hands” she explained “I put a little of this on my hands. This is a very simple beauty idea but it is one of the most important ones” And I had to agree that Christiane’s advice was good for all career girls who work all day. A bottle of hand lotion in the purse is a simple way of keeping the hands lovely to look soft enough to handle it h safety the best pair of it)lons.

Elena Verdugo

This is a 1953 Lydia Lane article where actress Elena Verdugo talks about bleaching your hair. Enjoy!

Elena Verdugo

Elena Verdugo, who Is “Millie” on both the radio and television series of “Meet Millie”, considers the color of her hair as a turning point In her life. When CBS offered her the part of this dumb blonde, It meant she had to bleach her beautiful red hair. And bleach it she did. “How do you like “being a blonde?” I asked her last week at the radio station. It is certainly different,” Elena said. “The people who never knew me before like It, but my old friends just hate my being blonde.”

“I think nature knows best.” she continued, “and I think my auburn hair was a better contrast to my light skin. But the blonde hair meant this job, and I was willing to make the change for the wonderful break It gave me.” “Do you feel that men prefer blondes? I wanted to know. “I would say “gentlemen don’t prefer blondes,!! was her answer. “It is amazing the psychological impact the color of your hair has. I felt more assured before than I do now. It is a wonderful feeling to walk into a room and know that you will be accepted on your appearance. Now I feel, when I meet a lot of people, that I’m just another blonde. “I feel even my clothes are wrong, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t found the time for shopping. You wouldn’t think a radio and television show could take up so much time! And when I do get a day off, I have to go to the beauty parlor. “That’s another, problem with bleached hair,” she continued. You have to keep working on the dark roots. I never knew how fast my hair grew, before.”

“Then you wouldn’t advise any one to bleach?” “Not without being prepared to spend a lot of time and money to keep it looking right,” Elena said. “Everyone seems to tell me about the same story,” I commented before I asked Elena to tell me her top beauty secret;. “Not to live too high,” she said quickly. “More girls ruin their looks by burning the candle at both ends. I am a great believer in taking life easy. Life Is short enough as It is. and high living is a way to make it even shorter.” I had to agree that the dumb blonde of the radio and TV series made a lot of real sense in private life. Learning how to live correctly, is truly, a wonderful secret not only for beauty but for happiness, too

Irene Ryan

This is a 1953 Lydia Lane article where actress Irene Ryan talks about how age does not have to be a detriment to your career. Enjoy!

Irene Ryan 1.jpg

Irene Ryan who divides her time between the radio pictures and night club entertaining told me one day at lunch last week “It’s talent and personality not looks that pays off “I should not say this to you because I know beauty is your business but my case may prove encouraging to the girl who feels like I do that her face is a cross between Groucho Marx and a distant cousin of Betty Grable’s.” Irene added.

Another thing Miss Ryan is enthusiastic about Is a little matter of birthdays “I don’t believe in letting your age stop you!” she confided “here I am in my forties and I’m launching a new career” Miss Ryan has worked on the Bob Hope show and has been a doddering spinster, a wisecracking salesgirl or scrawny scullery maid in more than a score of movies but it was a short time ago she started a new career as a night club singer.”

“I’ve been In show business for a quarter of a century” Miss Ryan told me “but it never occurred to me that I could earn a top salary entertaining in a night spot” “How did you get started?” accepted an invitation to appear at a police benefit in Las Vegas I hadn’t prepared anything just ad-libbed but people thought I was funny and this led to my being signed for a night club! As you can see, it’s never too late!”

Peggie Castle

This is a 1953 Lydia Lane article where actress Peggie Castle talks about elocution and her grooming habits. Enjoy!

Peggie Castle 3.jpg

Peggy Castle has been in 10 pictures since a talent scout invited her to a studio for a test She turned out to be Just so photogenic that she won a term contract “What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in Hollywood?” I asked “Hearing yourself on the screen has made me very voice conscious. It’s difficult to be critical of yourself unless you can be objective. It is so easy to be careless about diction without noticing it. But a wonderful old English actor told me If you take care of the consonants the vowels will take care of themselves. I have found this advice very helpful”

“It is usually the end of a word we are careless about” Peggy continued “We forget to sound the final consonant but we never slur a vowel Take for example everyone says ‘banana’ correctly but so few people bother to complete a word like ‘slept’ “What is your top beauty secret?” “Secret is not exactly the right word for it—but I feel a girl who is always clean fresh looking and well groomed will be considered attractive” she answered.

“You don’t have to wear expensive clothes if they are becoming well fitted‘ and immaculate. It is not always the girls with the best features who make the best impression. It’s the girl who is carefully groomed in every detail.” Peggy explained “Men can’t always put their finger on this trick but they react to it whether they are hiring a secretary or asking for a phone number.”

Marilyn Erskine

This is a 1953 Lydia Lane article where actress Marilyn Erskine talks about a bunch of beauty stuff. Enjoy!

Marilyn ErskineThough Marilyn Erskine began her professional career in New York at the age of 5 she didn’t  come to Hollywood until three years ago where – she made six pictures in rapid succession “But the most interesting part I’ve had so far” Marilyn confessed as we lunched in the Green Room at Warner Bros “is playing Ida in the ‘Eddie Cantor Story'” What is the most important lesson you’ve learned here in Hollywood?” I asked

“Career-wise” Marilyn explained “it’s become more evident than ever that cooperation is a necessity— working with everyone from the make-up man who has you the first thing in the morning to the wardrobe woman who comes to get your costume the last thing at night.” “Physically what is the most useful thing you have learned?” I asked

“They have done such clever things with my hair” Marilyn confided “In each picture I’ve worn a different hairdo but basically it has never departed from the design which is most becoming to my bone structure “Pictures have taught me what I can and cannot wear I have learned that anything too severe is not becoming that I look best with softness on my forehead which is high and since my face is on the long side I must use a coiffeur to compensate for this” “How did you wear your hair before you came to Hollywood?” I asked

“The point is” Marilyn insisted “that you do not have to wear just one hairdo Once you’ve learned what you need to balance your facial structure you can wear a number of styles which are becoming” “What is your top beauty secret?” – Beauty Secret “I learned something very wonderful from a character’ actress who had the most exquisite complexion. She told me that several times a month she sleeps with evaporated milk on her face After cleansing your face thoroughly apply a thin filth of this on your throat and face and let It dry. In the morning when you rinse your face you’ll find your skin pores after a while become less prominent.”