My beauty hints – Paulette Goddard

This is a 1953 Lydia Lane article, where actress Paulette Goddard talks about her daily diet and beauty habits. It’s quite interesting, so enjoy!!


Paulette Goddard’s story is a Cinderella story, because she came to Hollywood with scant formal education and little dramatic training yet she has achieved lot only fame and fortune but acquired an education from world travel and association with artists and intellectuals.

“I enjoy studying and learning tings,” Paulette told me last week s we sipped tea and coffee in the Hollywood home she bought for her mother. This house once belonged to an artist and in the sky-lighted vine room were hung many pictures from Miss Goddard’s collection including such modern masters as Cezanne and Modigliani.

“I love to travel,” Miss Goddard confided. “It keeps me from having set habits. And this is good because the psychologists today discourage people from depending too much on fixed environment — It relates a sense of insecurity when it is disturbed.” Paulette was wearing yellow satin bull-fighter pants, a low cut blouse and a beautiful set of yellow and blue sapphires. She was wearing her red hair shoulder length and I asked if she considered cutting it. “I don’t follow fashion at all,’ explaining that she liked o wear her hair long. ”

“And it doesn’t interest me to spend as much time on my clothes as it would take to be chic. Going to collections and having fittings is a full time Job. “I travel constantly and prefer clothes with a classic line clothes that are good season after season. Most of the time I live but with two suit cases, so I have to choose my clothes with this in mind.” As we sat there talking; Paulette joked so youthful  It was hard o believe her career had started so many years ago.


“Will you tell me your secret for staying young?” said. “Being ageless.” Paulette explained, “comes from having interests. It comes from having an awareness of what Is going on round you. And,” she added, “from exercise. I manage to exercise every day. i don’t feel well if I don’t. I go to a gymnasium and -‘get a work-out massage every day or evening. And when I am traveling I do set-ups every morning.”

I wanted to know Miss Goddard’s top beauty secret, Paulette remarked that she hated questions that demanded a direct answer. “I prefer to be oblique,” she said. But she puffed her cigarette thoughtfully before she said, “Eating and breathing correctly is the secret. Breath refuels you. It sets up your whole system and it makes you relax. “You can accomplish incredible Things with breath and diet,” Paulette continued. “You can rebuild  your body or destroy it with food. I know you can! We are what we eat. In as short a time as three months I have seen wonderful changes in skin, hair and nails brought about by balanced diet. “Everyone doesn’t live to eat the same to feel well, but it is important to discover what works the best with you. I eat for energy. I have no set menus but I like rare steak, fresh vegetables, fruit and cheese.”

“I don’t like to have to skip meals. When I was living in New York often we didn’t have time for dinner before a big opening. So I usually had Tartar steak (raw hamburger) brought into my dressing room because I couldn’t stand to be hungry.” “You’d be out of luck if you’d ever have to reduce,” I commented. “That’s a different matter,” Paulette exclaimed. “If I get a hunger signal then, I relax and enjoy it I know it’s the time my system will dig into extra fat for energy, and burn it up.”

“That’s a very helpful attitude,” I remarked, asking Paulette what was one of the biggest things she had had to overcome. “Learning to conform,” was her answer. “I loathe set rules. By nature I am a non-conformist. Regularity for me still requires discipline.”

“But I am punctual,” she added. “It makes me uncomfortable to keep someone else waiting. When I dress I always allow time for phone calls and accidents. And usually I sit and wait.” “Is being late the thing you dislike most In others? “No, but people who don’t know their jobs and who are lazy physically and mentally,” Paulette answered.

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